How to Make Up After a Fight with Your Spouse

Put the relationship back together

It’s bound to happen. You and your spouse will disagree. Sometimes the disagreement turns into a fight. Now what? There’s simply too much invested and too much at stake to let this disagreement permanently damage the relationship. It’s time to make up and resolve the conflict. After some reflection on the twenty-six year relationship I […]

Men’s and Women’s Brains Really are Different

Have you ever had a communication challenge with a member of the opposite sex? If you haven’t yet, just wait. It will eventually happen. Why? Because our brains are different. Here’s a funny video I found where Mark Gungor quickly describes some of the differences between men’s brains and women’s brains… Tale of Two Brains […]

Communicating with Your Spouse Isn’t as Easy as it Seems

Young Couple Communication

Based on the results of a marriage communication study reported on in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, many married couples and other people in close relationships often assume that they communicate better than they actually do. Couples sometimes communicate no better than strangers, study finds Married people may think they communicate well with their […]