Tips for Communicating with Your Children

Communicating with your children can be frustrating, exciting, tiring, energizing, stressful, or fun depending on the timing and the message. When things are going well, communication is easy and free. When things are not going well, communication is more often mis-communication. In our time as parents, Sandra and I have learned a few really valuable […]

Lists of Fun Family Activities for Winter

When it gets cold outside, it can be difficult to find new, fun things to do with your family. It’s easy to fall prey to the dreariness of gray days and to fall into boring routines rather than to find interesting ways to stay entertained and connected as a family. The good news (at least […]

Simple Family Rules Make Parenting Easier

know the rules

Simple family rules really do make parenting easier. We learned this lesson when our children were young, and it is still true today as our kids move into young adulthood. We have seen families with no rules, and the household is often chaotic. We have also seen families with long, elaborate (even if unstated) rules, […]

Four Tips for Improving Family Communication


Effective family communication contributes to the growth and development of happy, healthy families. Where there is good communication, the risk of harmful family dynamics and interactions decreases dramatically. Here are four tips to help you create an environment conducive to creating the type of healthy communication that will build and protect your family. 1. Eat […]

How to Make Up After a Fight with Your Spouse

Put the relationship back together

It’s bound to happen. You and your spouse will disagree. Sometimes the disagreement turns into a fight. Now what? There’s simply too much invested and too much at stake to let this disagreement permanently damage the relationship. It’s time to make up and resolve the conflict. After some reflection on the twenty-six year relationship I […]

Can You Praise Kids Too Much?

This is a question we struggled with when our kids were young. We wanted to praise them effectively, and we had a sense that too much praise or the wrong kind of praise would be ineffective or possibly even harmful. Based on what we knew from human behavior and motivation research that we learned in […]

Men’s and Women’s Brains Really are Different

Have you ever had a communication challenge with a member of the opposite sex? If you haven’t yet, just wait. It will eventually happen. Why? Because our brains are different. Here’s a funny video I found where Mark Gungor quickly describes some of the differences between men’s brains and women’s brains… Tale of Two Brains […]

Communicating with Your Spouse Isn’t as Easy as it Seems

Young Couple Communication

Based on the results of a marriage communication study reported on in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, many married couples and other people in close relationships often assume that they communicate better than they actually do. Couples sometimes communicate no better than strangers, study finds Married people may think they communicate well with their […]

Child Behavior Modification – 3 Easy to Make Errors Parents Make and How You Can Avoid Them

Changing kid's behavior takes making some mistakes

The methods behind behavior modification for children go back at least as far as concepts written about in the early 1900’s by Edward Thorndike. Thorough understanding and application of these concepts has developed and improved through research completed by a number of psychologists and behavioral analysts since. B.F. Skinner, one of the most widely recognized […]

How To Change Your Kid’s Behavior – A Question Parents Often Ask

Changing kid's behavior is like the holy grail of parrenting

Have you ever wondered how to change your kid’s behavior? If you have, you are not unusual. Parents have sought after the answer to this question since the dawn of time. In many respects, the answer is the holy grail of parenting. Sadly, even though parents have wondered how to answer this question for so […]