Simple Family Rules Make Parenting Easier

know the rules

Simple family rules really do make parenting easier. We learned this lesson when our children were young, and it is still true today as our kids move into young adulthood. We have seen families with no rules, and the household is often chaotic. We have also seen families with long, elaborate (even if unstated) rules, […]

Can You Praise Kids Too Much?

This is a question we struggled with when our kids were young. We wanted to praise them effectively, and we had a sense that too much praise or the wrong kind of praise would be ineffective or possibly even harmful. Based on what we knew from human behavior and motivation research that we learned in […]

Child Behavior Modification – 3 Easy to Make Errors Parents Make and How You Can Avoid Them

Changing kid's behavior takes making some mistakes

The methods behind behavior modification for children go back at least as far as concepts written about in the early 1900’s by Edward Thorndike. Thorough understanding and application of these concepts has developed and improved through research completed by a number of psychologists and behavioral analysts since. B.F. Skinner, one of the most widely recognized […]

How To Change Your Kid’s Behavior – A Question Parents Often Ask

Changing kid's behavior is like the holy grail of parrenting

Have you ever wondered how to change your kid’s behavior? If you have, you are not unusual. Parents have sought after the answer to this question since the dawn of time. In many respects, the answer is the holy grail of parenting. Sadly, even though parents have wondered how to answer this question for so […]

Teaching Children to Behave Appropriately

Teaching children to behave appropriately can be a tough job. It is full of struggles, frustrations, and joys. In our experience when our children were young, we found that the teaching seemed to never stop, and we often got tired. Sometimes we got confused. As I was doing some reading today, I came across a […]